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My Garden Update 3/9/16

Oh I just love it when seeds begin popping up and things begin to flower.  I am very impatient this year with my garden since I am trying some new things.  Here is what’s blooming and growing in my garden … Continue reading

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Critters in my yard 9/19/15

I have seen 2 different caterpillars that I have never seen before in my yard.  Both of them are fuzzy.  Is this a sign of a cold winter to come in Florida? LOL The black and orange one turns out … Continue reading

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Update on Hay Bale Garden/Grow Buckets/Backyard Orchard Culture 5-17-14

  Boy times seems to fly.  It has been 17 days since I posted an update on my garden and it is doing great! If you would like to see a layout of my garden please go to this link. … Continue reading

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Ladybug Larvae and Pupa

While walking through my garden this evening I noticed that my butterfly bush was filled with aphids, YUCK.  As I thought about spraying it I noticed many ladybug larvae and even some in the pupa stage and of course decided … Continue reading

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Walking Stick Insect – Anisomorpha Buprestoides

While I was out watering my plants this morning the dog kept barking at something close to the house.  When I finally looked to see what he was barking at I discovered a mating pair of Twostriped Walking Stick insects. … Continue reading

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Gopher Tortoise and Zebra Longwing

Two of Yehovah’s beautiful creations were found in my yard today. The first was a Zebra Longwing.  While looking at the pictures I realized you can see through his/her wings. While a friend was dropping something off at my house … Continue reading

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