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Who Are These Strange Creatures – Ladybug Larve

It’s that time of year again in Florida, hot and muggy.  This makes it ripe feeding season for aphids.  Every year my Firebush is covered with aphids and that means I can also find an abundance of ladybug larvae. Ladybugs … Continue reading

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Ladybug Larvae and Pupa

While walking through my garden this evening I noticed that my butterfly bush was filled with aphids, YUCK.  As I thought about spraying it I noticed many ladybug larvae and even some in the pupa stage and of course decided … Continue reading

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Ladybug Larvae, Black Swallowtail Caterpillar and Carpenter Ants

I went out to trim my butterfly bush and found several ladybug larvae. They are so interesting.  It just amazes me how Yehovah created the insect world. While trimming my bush I stepped in a carpenter ant pile.  One of the ants … Continue reading

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