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My Garden Update 3/9/16

Oh I just love it when seeds begin popping up and things begin to flower.  I am very impatient this year with my garden since I am trying some new things.  Here is what’s blooming and growing in my garden … Continue reading

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Jean Hay Bale Gardening

Growing food in Florida can be quite hard and nematodes are one of my greatest challenges.  I have decided this year to try something different, again, a jean garden.  I purchased these jeans 1/2 off at Goodwill and stuffed them … Continue reading

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My first watermelon of 2015.  I have a small one still growing and I am hoping I will get some more. I purchased the Georgia Rattlesnake seeds from Baker Creek Seed Company.  I have liked everything that I have purchased … Continue reading

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Florida Garden Update 3/13/15

I have been working hard the past few weeks trying to get my hay conditioned, seeds planted, garden clean-up and raspberry trellis in. Phew, I just get tired thinking of all I had to do.  The hay bales usually get … Continue reading

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My backyard Spring/Summer Veggie Haul 6/21/14

I just had to share how well my garden is doing in case some of my friends want to start their own hay bale gardens.  If you start planning now and slowly purchase hay, you can just leave it sit … Continue reading

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Update on Hay Bale Garden/Grow Buckets/Backyard Orchard Culture 5-17-14

  Boy times seems to fly.  It has been 17 days since I posted an update on my garden and it is doing great! If you would like to see a layout of my garden please go to this link. … Continue reading

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My Florida Hay Bale/Bucket/Raised Bed Garden – Plotted and Picts

I probably planted way to late as the weather seems to be getting very hot in Florida.  It is fun none the less to see what will grow.  Almost everything has been planted with seed except the recently purchased parsley … Continue reading

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Garden Update 3-25-14 Florida Hay Bale Garden

I found out about hay/straw bale gardening on a facebook post.  After reading a lot of different posts and watching some videos I decided to try hay instead of straw and the only issue I have had so far are … Continue reading

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