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Ladybug Larvae and Pupa

While walking through my garden this evening I noticed that my butterfly bush was filled with aphids, YUCK.  As I thought about spraying it I noticed many ladybug larvae and even some in the pupa stage and of course decided … Continue reading

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My Florida Hay Bale/Bucket/Raised Bed Garden – Plotted and Picts

I probably planted way to late as the weather seems to be getting very hot in Florida.  It is fun none the less to see what will grow.  Almost everything has been planted with seed except the recently purchased parsley … Continue reading

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Need Help Identifying Caterpillar

My green beans were not doing well so I started pulling them up and amending the soil.  I found this critter in the first bucket I dug up.  Does anyone know what it is.  I am not sure if this … Continue reading

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What is this Growing in Florida

While out watering my garden today I found this strange plant growing in my garden bed in the front of my house.  Does anyone know what it is?  It looks like some sort of bulb.

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Long Tailed Skipper Moth Eggs and Larva

While out watering today I saw a long tailed skipper moth on one of my green bean plants and thought it odd.  After checking out the plants carefully, which I try to do every day, I found eggs, larva and … Continue reading

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Little Lizard and garden on the Sabbath

I really like going out in my garden and the Sabbath is a very special day to spend with the creator of all things.  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did taking them.

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In the Garden – Lizard and Sweet Potato Flowers

I planted an organic purple sweet potato that had started growing sprouts and this is what I got!  It has taken over. I have given many cuttings away and put a lot in my composter but still have an abundance.  … Continue reading

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Strawberry Sap Beetle

I have had something eating my strawberries for over 2 weeks now and I couldn’t figure out what it was.  I even went out at dark with a flashlight to see if it was slugs, to no avail.  Yesterday I … Continue reading

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Growing Plants from Store Bought – Ginger and Carrot Seeds

There are many plants you can re-grow from store-bought produce and eventually I want to try them all.   I am already re-growing store-bought celery with great results. One of the weirdest posts I have seen recently was re-growing carrot … Continue reading

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Charley Brown Orange Tree – to Keep or Not to Keep

Three years ago and then again two years ago we had severe freezes in Florida.  We lost every one of our citrus trees except one.  I call it our “Charley Brown” orange tree.  Since it was so pathetic this last … Continue reading

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