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Baby Mockingbirds

While pulling vines and Rosary Peas which are fatal if broken and swallowed, I accidentally pulled a nest out of my fence.  I was so upset…… poor little babies didn’t even have their eyes open yet. I wasn’t sure where to put … Continue reading

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Cockroaches, Butterflies and Birds – Working in the Garden

This morning I decided to put some serious effort into preparing the yard for my sustainable garden project.  This is going to be a HUGE project.   Most of my back yard is nothing but weeds.  On the “Back to Eden” video … Continue reading

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Baby Birds!!

4/25/2012 Last year I discovered a mocking-bird building a nest in the flower vines on my fence.  The bird noticed that I discovered the nest and abandoned it as there had been no eggs laid. Today while trimming my firebush I noticed a … Continue reading

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