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Ginger, Turmeric and Lemon Pain Tea

I don’t know why everyone calls this a tea. There is no tea to be found in this great drink for your body.  If you do a search on ginger, turmeric and lemon tea you will find tons of blogs … Continue reading

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Cancer Ribbon Crocheted Scarf and Childhood Cancer

I was introduced to Crochet for Cancer – Sadie Sunshine Chapter through a Facebook friend (actually I have met her in person and she is a sweet person).  This chapter was started by a grandmother whose granddaughter died at 17 … Continue reading

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The Making of Kombucha

Lets start with what Kombucha is .  It is a sweet tea drink that is made with a live culture  known as a “Skoby”, “mother” or “mushroom”.  It was given this name because it can reproduce.  Well that doesn’t sound … Continue reading

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Hospital Robe Remake

How many of us love to wear those lovely gowns the hospital provides us with when we are there for a surgery? Most of the time it takes several minutes to get it tied up and then it chokes you when you lay down.  … Continue reading

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Flax Seed Oil – For Dogs

About a year ago my 10 year old dog began to limp on his back leg.  He couldn’t jump up on the couch and would yelp while even walking over a threshold. I took him to the mobile vet and they … Continue reading

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Horehound Candy – Homemade

About a month ago my dad had a bad cold and said he wished he had some horehound candy.  I remember seeing a recipe on  Frugally Sustainable (my favorite blog site for homemade recipes) but thought it would just be easier to purchase some … Continue reading

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