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I Lost My Big Max Pumpkin to Bugs…

What a sad day….I have never been able to grow a pumpkin or watermelon but have several of each this year. However, I lost my big pumpkin to bugs.  I was able to keep the bugs off the pumpkin itself … Continue reading

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Tomato Hornworm Caterpillar – YUCK

I went out to water my plants this morning and discovered the tops of some of my Roma tomatoes missing!  On closer inspection I discovered some tomato hornworm moth caterpillars.  How did I miss these? A garden is like a … Continue reading

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Need Help Identifying Caterpillar

My green beans were not doing well so I started pulling them up and amending the soil.  I found this critter in the first bucket I dug up.  Does anyone know what it is.  I am not sure if this … Continue reading

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Long Tailed Skipper Moth Eggs and Larva

While out watering today I saw a long tailed skipper moth on one of my green bean plants and thought it odd.  After checking out the plants carefully, which I try to do every day, I found eggs, larva and … Continue reading

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Strawberry Sap Beetle

I have had something eating my strawberries for over 2 weeks now and I couldn’t figure out what it was.  I even went out at dark with a flashlight to see if it was slugs, to no avail.  Yesterday I … Continue reading

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