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Raw Vegan Zucchini and Walnut/Basil Pesto

Last week I saw a little machine that makes spaghetti noodles out of veggies called a Spiralizer .  I ordered it from Amazon along with the Braggs nutritional yeast and Braggs Amino Acid. Before using my spiralizer I did a … Continue reading

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Home made Gluten-Free Chicken Noode Soup

Since going gluten-free I have been wanting to cook some good home-made chicken noodle soup but just never got around to it.   I looked at several recipes recently and this is what I came up with. Ingredients 3 organic … Continue reading

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Ginger, Turmeric and Lemon Pain Tea

I don’t know why everyone calls this a tea. There is no tea to be found in this great drink for your body.  If you do a search on ginger, turmeric and lemon tea you will find tons of blogs … Continue reading

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Canning My Purple Sweet Potatoes

I finally got the time to can some of my organic purple sweet potatoes.  It was a good thing because some of them are sprouting already.  In Florida this happens often and that is why I am canning them.  I … Continue reading

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Dried Moringa Flower and Lemon Grass Tea

I make a combination of fresh Moringa flower and Lemon Grass tea  a lot but, the Moringa flowers are budding faster than I can drink them and I have enough seed pods for an army.  So I decided to dry … Continue reading

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Peach Bourbon Vanilla Jam

Oh my! This stuff is awsome.  I don’t even remember why I looked at the recipes but glad I did.  There are several versions of this on the internet.  I used those and combined the recipe on the pectin boxes … Continue reading

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In the Garden – Lizard and Sweet Potato Flowers

I planted an organic purple sweet potato that had started growing sprouts and this is what I got!  It has taken over. I have given many cuttings away and put a lot in my composter but still have an abundance.  … Continue reading

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