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Healthier Version of Belgium Waffles

Trying to eat healthier is not always easy when everything is loaded with sugar, fat and wheat loaded with chemicals.  I began grinding my own wheat a while ago and wanted to find a recipe for waffles that I can … Continue reading

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Extra Organic Potatoes? Hash Browns and French Fries

If you have extra potatoes from your garden or purchase bags of organic potatoes like I do a great way to use them is by making your own organic hash browns and french fries.  They really are easy to make … Continue reading

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Guava Jam

I usually make guava butter (which requires no pectin) but this year I decided to try making guava jam with Pomona Pectin. For the recipe you will need: 4 cups mashed fruit 1/2 cup to 1 cup honey or 3/4 … Continue reading

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Home made Gluten-Free Chicken Noode Soup

Since going gluten-free I have been wanting to cook some good home-made chicken noodle soup but just never got around to it.   I looked at several recipes recently and this is what I came up with. Ingredients 3 organic … Continue reading

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Peach Bourbon Vanilla Jam

Oh my! This stuff is awsome.  I don’t even remember why I looked at the recipes but glad I did.  There are several versions of this on the internet.  I used those and combined the recipe on the pectin boxes … Continue reading

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Homemade Apple Sauce and Apple Butter in a Crock pot

So what is the difference between apple sauce and apple butter?  About 5 hours and a cup of sugar.  When looking up recipes for homemade apple sauce and apple butter that is the only difference I could find. For my … Continue reading

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Muffin Contest

Who doesn’t like a good muffin? is a wonderful website and right now Charity is having a muffin contest. Please visit and vote for your favorite! Voting for round 1 ends March 18th.

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