Seminole Pumpkins


This is my second year of growing Seminole Pumpkins and they are one of my favorite crops.  They are actually a cross between a pumpkin and squash and are fairly small in size, around 3lbs.The vines grow like weeds and do take a bit of care.  They are also a native to Florida.  Green Deane from “Eat the Weeds” has a good blog post on them.

I learned a few hard lessons last year by not keeping the vines down to 3-4 main runners.  One of which was it was difficult to keep the pests population down.  Most of what I read about these pumpkins said that pests are not a problem.  Well here on the East Coast of Central Florida I have stink bugs that are like mosquitoes in Alaska, large and in charge.

Keeping the runners cut back is almost a daily chore as the vines seem to grow 2-3″ a day.

With the vines kept cut back it is easier for me to check leaves for stink bug eggs and caterpillars. Moths seem to like my vines and lay eggs daily.


This year I also directed the vines to eventually grow up my fence.  The reason for this is the vines will continue to put out roots if they are left on the ground and last year nematodes destroyed my vines towards the end of the growing season.  This also means I don’t have so much of the vines that need watered.

Last year I was able to harvest many pumpkins and used them in pies, muffins and bread.  They are the only produce that have not “gone bad” quickly in Florida.  I left them on my counter and cooked them all within 6 months.


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2 Responses to Seminole Pumpkins

  1. Funny timing for your post. I just received my Seminole pumpkin seeds in the mail today. I hope it is not too hot to plant them. I read it takes 95 days until harvest and it produces until the frost, so sounds like I’m good…what do you think?

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