Apple Tree Update – 4/9/16 Central Florida


DSCN0134When I decided to plant apple trees it was amazing how many people said “you can grow apple trees in Florida?” Well I guess this proves you can.  I am using the backyard orchard culture, this is where the trees are planted very close and are kept cut back.  I will not allow the trees to get any taller than 8ft.


This is the second year I have had my Fuji and Golden Dorsette in the ground and this year is amazing.  Last year my Fuji did not blossom at all and I had 3 apples from my Dorsette.  This year I have blossoms on my Fuji and I counted 17 apples so far on my Dorsette.  I was also surprised that the Fuji blossoms like just like the Dorsette.


I  planted two bare foot trees (another Golden Dorsette and an Anna) this past December and can’t wait to see how they will do. Since they were small I am assuming it will take a couple of years for them to produce.

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3 Responses to Apple Tree Update – 4/9/16 Central Florida

  1. Tom says:

    Where in Central Florida are you? Region or city name is enough. I live in Central Pasco and am interested in flowering fruit trees (and staying away from citrus canker). Thanks

  2. How is your Apple Tree doing?

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