Going Vegan – April 2016


It’s been 7 days since I decided to try going vegan.  I have thought about this for many years but never thought I would ever really do it.  After watching PlantPure Nation on Netflix I knew it was time.  I was so amazed at the health results in just 10 days of going vegan and since my own health has been on a slow decline it was time.

I have been on juice fasts, went gluten-free for 2 years and most recently I have been trying to eat as organic as possible and stay away from prepared foods as much as possible.  With all of this I still have had issues with staying on track and not eating junk. If something “bad” was in the house I would consume it with great passion, lol.  So I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy the past 7 days have been.

The only “cheat” I have had is a bit of organic half and half in my coffee and my husband and I went out for breakfast once.  I had a biscuit and hash browns as I am not much of a breakfast eater.  I am sure the biscuit had eggs and butter in it.

This past week I have been searching out all things homemade vegan as I still want to be as organic as possible and most store bought vegan items aren’t organic.  I also don’t want to use tofu.  One of the most amazing sites I found on Facebook is  Vegan Meringue.  It is all about AquaFaba which is the liquid the we usually throw out when we open a can of beans.  REALLY?  Yes.  It can used as an egg replacement along with making meringues and so much more.  Please check it out.

Today I tried my hand at making my own vegan mayo.  The recipe I used was found at MindBodyGreen but I felt it was just a bit to lemony (I substituted homemade coconut milk for the soy milk) and it did not have a coconut taste at all.  Even though it had a strong lemon taste I decided to go ahead and use it in a dressing for a salad from Gonna Want Seconds.  It is an amazing broccoli salad with a sweet dressing.  You really can use just about anything you want in this salad.

My next mayo recipe I will be trying is this one from M.A.G.  I will again use my homemade coconut milk.

If there are any condiment recipes you would like to share I would be so appreciative!  I am hoping this will be a lifelong journey for me and a road to better health.


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