Moringa Tree Throw Down and Garden Update

Before I cut the tree down,

Before I cut the tree down.

After I cut the tree back.

After I cut the tree back.

When I went out to trim my front yard moringa and pick flowers to dehydrate I realized that I had let it get way to spindly and decided to completely cut it back.  WHAT a job that was.  I did end up with a 3 gallon bucket full of flowers though.  I dehydrated the flowers and most of the buds for tea along with some lemon grass.  I really like this combination.  My friend loaned me her Excalibur dehydrator and I am so thankful.  I had all 9 shelves loaded.

moringa flowers in bucket Moringa flowers

Garden Update –

My peas are loving the food grade buckets that I have them in.  They however, are not enjoying the record-breaking highs we are experiencing in Florida right now.  I hope it cools down soon.

peas Pea buckets

I discovered a bunch of bananas on my larger tree.  I figured it was ready to bloom but didn’t see it as it was covered by the moringa and guava trees.  The transplants are also doing well.

Bananas banana transplants

I planted some beet seeds and they are beginning to poke their heads above the soil.  I also was able to remember to plant one of my celery ends before it shriveled up.

Beets celery

I have 5 guavas now, one of which is a white guava.  I Can’t wait to see how it does.  My largest strawberry guava tree bloomed around July,  I think the birds feasted on most of those and now it has decided to produce fruit again.  I have never had a guava tree fruit this late in the season.


The one citrus I have is coming back slowly year after year and it is loaded with oranges.  I am hoping they will be as sweet as the ones last year.


My large mulberry got quite out of control along with my moringa so I chopped it back also.


I have one lonely pineapple this November, which I believe is late to bloom.  I had several pineapples this summer. All of my pineapple plants are doing so good!

pineapple pineapple plants

Last but not least, my mango tree is doing great.  This grew from a seed I had in some compost.  It started leaning so I had to stake it up.


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