Critters in my yard 9/19/15

I have seen 2 different caterpillars that I have never seen before in my yard.  Both of them are fuzzy.  Is this a sign of a cold winter to come in Florida? LOL

The black and orange one turns out to be a Leopard Moth.  I found it on my sweet potato plant.  I wish I kept it.  It would have been fun to watch it turn into a moth.

The second one, I believe,  is a Hickory Tussock Moth.  I found them on my Mulberry and Elderberry.  Tomorrow I will try to capture one to watch what moth it truly ends up being.

While coming into the house I spotted this huge guy just hanging out.  They are so beautiful, I wish they didn’t do so much damage to plants.

And this is one of the ever-present lizards that my dog loves to chase. I love when the males show their colors for females.

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