My 5th Florida Pineapple

This is the 5th pineapple from my garden this year and I have one more on a plant right now.  This was SO juicy and sweet it was hard to stop myself from eating it all in one sitting.

I have right around 30 pineapple plants growing at various stages.  It takes a few years for a pineapple top to flower but once it does you will have at least one pineapple a year from that plant. Once a pineapple is broken off the plant another spike sprouts up and another pineapple will grow in its place.

I live in Florida so I plant my tops in the ground but pineapples also do well in pots.

I wanted to show you this little apparatus for cutting a pineapple.  It makes it so easy and you end up with perfect slices.  Here is a link to purchase for $7.50 and free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

I am affiliate for Amazon and may receive compensation for you purchase.  It will however, not cost you.
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