Clothes Hanger Challange


How many of us women look in our closet and wonder what are we going to wear today? I know I very often do.

Several years ago I saw a Pinterest post on turning all your hangers one direction and then when you wear an item and hang it back up place the hanger in the opposite direction.  This way you know you have worn an item at least once during the year or how ever long you want this challenge to last.

Today is the day I “FINALLY” start my own challenge and am doing it with my husband’s shirts too.  I even went through my closet first and removed those items that I knew I wanted to get rid of and will donate or re-purpose them.

Who will join me?

Note:  I volunteered for an organization that re-sold clothing and spent hundreds of hours sorting through clothing.  With this in mind I never donate clothes that are ripped, torn or soiled.

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