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My Moringa’s are Exploding – Eating the Seeds, Pods, Flowers and Leaves

Moringa trees really do like it hot and humid.  A perfect example of this are the trees in my yard. They are covered with flowers and seed pods.  It has been very hot and humid on the East Coast of … Continue reading

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Chicken Spaghetti Casserole

This dish is one of my husband’s favorites and he has been the only one to cook it in the 33 years we have been married.  I have recently seen it making the rounds on Facebook and decided to try … Continue reading

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Sphinx Moth – Florida

Today has been a rather odd day.  I found some type of tiny beetles I can’t identify and then I saw this rather beautiful Sphinx Moth handing on my screen door in the middle of the day.  It was rainy … Continue reading

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Need Help Identifying Tiny Beetle in Florida – Update 6/6/15

Update 6/6/15 – I have been informed that these are the 1st or 2nd instar stage of a form of stink bug.  I was hoping they were beneficial but alas they are not. I found these on a green bean … Continue reading

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Swallowtails and Zebra Longwing

There have been lots of butterflies in my garden of late.  Of course that brings lots of caterpillars too.  I have let my fennel grow wild in and among my raspberries.  This Black Swallowtail is laid eggs a couple of … Continue reading

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