A Summer Crop for Florida? Seminole Pumpkins

My friend gave me several pumpkins last year and they were delicious! I baked the pumpkins, saved the seeds and made lots of muffins with them.

This year I planted 4 seeds in hay bales and they are doing great.  Even though they are hardy and somewhat pest free, I have noticed some moth worms so will be spraying them with my boggie brew (Neem oil (2 T), Dr. Bronners Sal Suds Soap (2 T) and water (1 gallon)).  This spray has been very helpful on my cucumbers and watermelon.

I have to water my pumpkins at least twice a day as they are planted in hay bales.  I also feed them with a mixture of rain water, from my rain barrel, and llama poop from a local source (Happy Hooves Farm).

Here is a link for tips in growing and storing.

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