Leaf Footed Bug/Beetle – Friend or Foe

leaf bug 3

This bug is defiantly a foe.  And not only a foe but a HUGE foe.  When you first discover these creature in your garden it is time to take action or the will take over your plants and kill them quickly.

leaf bug 2

They have 3 stages, egg, nymph (5 stages) and adult.  Adults can lay up to 200 eggs in a 2 month period.

leaf bug

Today I found an adult on my cucumber and nymphs on my cucumber and tomatoes.  I headed out to the areas with my mixture of neem oil and Dr. Bronners sal-suds soap (video information below) and scissors.  I sprayed the adult with the spray and then cut it with my scissors.  The nymphs I sprayed and then squashed them with my scissors.  You could also wear gloves and squish them with your hands.

Note: I use a spray bottle for my spray.

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