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My neighbor has chickens (wish my hubby would let me have some) and usually I can’t hear them unless I am outside.  She told me that she has one chicken that always announces to the world when she has laid … Continue reading

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East Coast Central Florida Garden Update 4-20-15

We have had some nice rain lately and my garden is loving it.  It has also been very hot this month so will see if my cucumbers and green beans survive. Here are some pictures along with a beautiful dragonfly … Continue reading

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Who Are These Strange Creatures – Ladybug Larve

It’s that time of year again in Florida, hot and muggy.  This makes it ripe feeding season for aphids.  Every year my Firebush is covered with aphids and that means I can also find an abundance of ladybug larvae. Ladybugs … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Dryer Clean to Prevent Fires

A couple of weeks ago a young mother and child were killed in a house fire in our community and the fire began in the laundry room.  I did not hear the exact cause but it prompted me to remind … Continue reading

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