Egyptian Karaite Matzah


I am not Jewish however, I do follow the Tanak.  When a Facebook page named “A Blue Thread” posted this video I watched it and thought it was so cute and since Passover is a week away I decided to try the recipe. My husband even encouraged me.

There are only 5 ingredients and is very easy.

I used my small coffee grinder to grind the coriander but you could use a motar and pestle to crush the seeds or a plastic bag and small hammer.  I mixed the ingredients in my  KitchenAid but it could be done by hand.  I cut a piece of parchment paper the size of my cookie sheet and rolled out the dough on that and transferred them both to the cookie sheet before cutting.


My husband even liked it and I will be taking some to friends to share during our Sabbath bible study.

Enjoy and check out

Here is a cute Passover “Let it go” song that is very well done.

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