Florida Garden Update 3/13/15

banana bunch

I have been working hard the past few weeks trying to get my hay conditioned, seeds planted, garden clean-up and raspberry trellis in. Phew, I just get tired thinking of all I had to do.  The hay bales usually get up to 120 degrees and then I cool them down before planting.


Golden dorsette babies Fuji apple

There are several things in my garden that I have been quite excited about this spring.  First apples! Yes apples in central Florida.  I have quite a few and more blossoms on my Golden Dorset.  My Fuji however has done nothing so far.  My banana plants look a bit sickly but this is the first year I have gotten bananas in spring.

banana trees

The pineapples are doing great and I can already see 4 babies out of the 21 plants I have.

pineapples pineapple baby

I began digging up raspberries to sell but the took off much faster than I could dig them up so I have decided to leave what is there.  I will be pulling up and throwing away any more that creep along.  I really have a hard time throwing away good plants, but, I can’t sell the ones I have.

strawberry babies Raspberry FenceIn years past I waited until the canes got tall and tied them onto bamboo poles.  This year I decided to try something different.  I placed the poles out and tied string between the poles in rows so when they get tall they will just lie across the string.  I am hoping this saves me time this coming year.

tomatoes 3 tomatoes 2 tomatoes 1 tomatoes 4

I have 7 tomato plants that were “volunteers”.  Four I planted in last years hay and they are doing great.  They are Amish Paste and I really like this tomato for Florida.  I hope to be canning a lot of sauce this year.


I direct planted beets this year and they are doing great in my raised beds.  I filled the beds with hay from last year and then layered compost and soil.

celery and onions

All of the celery and onions I have growing are from kitchen scraps.  Gotta love free!

Lots of trees are fruiting right now including, Mulberry, Elderberry, Citrus and Guava. The avocado is starting to flower along with the Kiwi.




Berries on the Mulberry Tree

Elderberry Flowers

Elderberry Flowers



Baby Oranges

Baby Oranges



guava tree

Guava Tree





Seeds that I started in peat pots this year are green beans, Seminole Pumpkins, tomatoes, and cucumbers.  Almost all have sprouted and I just have the tomatoes and greens beans to transplant into the hay.





In my self watering grow buckets I have decided to plant carrots, 2 of the buckets have ginger and one has garlic.  And of course there is the “always growing” sweet potatoes.

Self watering bucketsBeets

I replaced two of my old trellis (you can see the old one falling apart) with cedar and then after discussing it with my dad he made a suggestion that I try PVC.  Well will see which one lasts the longest.  I vote for the PVC.


I still want to plant eggplant and watermelon.  Next week……..

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2 Responses to Florida Garden Update 3/13/15

  1. Kathy C. says:

    What a beautiful garden Keo! 🙂 How big is your yard? You’ve got so many places to plant….it’s wonderful. 🙂

    Kathy C. 🙂

    • Kathy, I have a small city lot, .28 of an acre and our house is 1200sqft. So not a lot of space, however, with back yard garden culture and hay bale gardening I can fit a a lot in a small space. I also have 2 more guava trees and 6 moringa trees along with a beauty berry and pignut hickory.

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