Florida Garden Update 1/3/15


My garden is actually doing O.K. and I haven’t been doing a lot this winter.  I have been better at planting celery ends and watering them faithfully.  If I don’t they die quickly.  I also have now planted 3 onion ends and several potatoes that sprouted.  This is a great way to save money and have veggies.

My small self watering container was getting very wet so I decided to dig out the ginger, replant a couple of pieces into the self watering 5 gallon, round, food grade buckets and save the rest.


It’s hard to believe that my raspberries are still producing and I my stalk of bananas seem to be surviving, even though the birds have discovered them.

wpid-wp-1420304944740.jpeg wpid-wp-1420304931088.jpeg

My mulberry even decided to produced a couple of mulberries.  They were a bit sour though.

wpid-wp-1420304852025.jpegMy guava trees are starting to really grow and I am excited about these babies.  I will be selling them when they get bigger.

wpid-wp-1420304969530.jpegAfter replanting the peas 3 times it looks like I might actually get a crop. Some plants are in the hay bales and some are in the grow buckets.

wpid-wp-1420304894813.jpeg wpid-wp-1420304881545.jpeg

What are you growing this winter? How is it doing?



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