Florida Garden Update 12/16/14


Golden Dorsette and Fuji apple trees.

I haven’t really done much in my garden the past several months.  Of course being sick for one month didn’t help.  I did get some mulching done in the front yard 2 months ago and now I am working on re-mulching some in my back yard.

The area I am mulching now has 20 pineapples, 3 morninga, 2 apple trees, 2 lemon grass bushes, some bulbs, a rose-bush, Bird of Paradise, Gerber Daisy and a Night-blooming Jasmine.  I also found a volunteer tomato plant, gotta love the birds.


IMG_20141216_122602 IMG_20141216_122635

These are some organic potatoes I decided to shove in some hay bales and they seem to be doing great.


The raspberries have been going for 4 months!


One great thing about blogging is I can see the dates on when I have planted or done something in my garden.  While looking at an area I mulched I couldn’t believe how I was not getting wonderful looking dirt instead of sand.  When I looked to see when I had laid this mulch it had been July of 2012!  Time does fly.


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