I Lost My Big Max Pumpkin to Bugs…


What a sad day….I have never been able to grow a pumpkin or watermelon but have several of each this year. However, I lost my big pumpkin to bugs. 


I was able to keep the bugs off the pumpkin itself but, wasn’t looking for them to eat the vine keeping it alive.  Hopefully the rest will survive.  It was right around 34lbs. I have been spraying with Neem oil and Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds Soap.  Of course it has been raining almost every day so I have to spray every day.  I am keeping some of the seeds but not sure if they are mature enough to regrow.

If you grow pumpkins in Florida how do you keep the bugs off?  I even tried netting this year but the bugs ate right through it.

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