My backyard Spring/Summer Veggie Haul 6/21/14


I just had to share how well my garden is doing in case some of my friends want to start their own hay bale gardens.  If you start planning now and slowly purchase hay, you can just leave it sit and it will be conditioned by fall planting time here in Florida.

The pineapples, celery and onions were not grown in hay bales.  The carrots I have harvested are from my 5 gallon grow buckets but hay bale carrots are about ready to harvest.

  • Green Beans – 126.8 oz, canned 33, 1/2 pints, almost 8 lbs
  • Cucumbers 43.7 oz
  • Onions 15 oz
  • Celery 12.6 oz
  • Parsley 1.0 oz
  • Beets 32.5 oz
  • Corn 59.4 oz
  • Roma Tomatoes 191.1 oz, this is almost 12 lbs
  • Carrots 10.5 oz
  • Pineapple 28.9 oz

It is almost time to start harvesting peppers, zucchini, watermelon, pumpkin and eggplants from my hay bales.  The Big Max pumpkin I can’t even begin to pick up.  Guess I will have to roll it into the house when it is ready to pick!


Big Max pumpkin

DSCN7596 DSCN7595 DSCN7594 DSCN7593 DSCN7592 DSCN7591 DSCN7590 DSCN7589 DSCN7588

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