Day 2 Juicing Detox


Praise God! I felt calm and much clearer today.  My pain level was very low until just before bed.  My body even feels healthier today and I lost weight!

I drank my lemon water in the morning and then had a glass of juice.  I only drank 4 glasses of juice today.  I started with mostly veggies and then had fruits for the next glass, then veggies and then fruits.  I pretty much juice what feel like at the time.  I did purchase this book (Kindle version) for lots of juicing recipes. (If you purchase from this link “Nana’s House Children’s Home receives a % of the sale and it costs you nothing.)

One thing I forgot to say in the beginning is that I juice just around 2 cups of juice each time. So today I had 8 cups of juice.  My juicer is beginning to have issues though.  It keeps tripping the circuit breaker so I had to move it.  I pray it keeps working until I am finished with the cleanse.


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