Day 1 Juicing Detox

Today was a horrible day for me.  I woke in a fog and emotionally in a bad place.  This was the transition day from whole foods to juicing. 

I was in intense pain off and on all day.  The pain was so bad by bed time I actually took some ibuprofen. I did do some research on fibromyalgia and detox and what I found said you can go into a sort of body crisis where pain gets much worse before it gets better.

I met with a friend at 8am and I didn’t have time to drink my lemon water so I just had my juice.  I juiced when I got home and went to bed.  I juiced 6 times during the day and didn’t record what I juiced as I felt so bad.   I did have a good period from about 2-4 (thanks to some prayers of a friend) and attended a birthday party for a short time and did some grocery shopping.

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