Canning My Purple Sweet Potatoes


I finally got the time to can some of my organic purple sweet potatoes.  It was a good thing because some of them are sprouting already.  In Florida this happens often and that is why I am canning them.  I haven’t eaten them yet and am hoping they will taste good.

The recipe I used said to use 11 lbs of potatoes for 9 pints. I actually ended up with 13 pints and a couple of small ones left over.  It also said to bake, steam, or boil the potatoes before peeling and canning. I have decided I will not do that next time. I will just peel, cut and can.

I used a light syrup to pack the potatoes which was 6 cups of water to 2 cups of sugar, I had to make 2 recipes.  I pressure canned them at 11 lbs for 65 minutes.

If you have canned purple sweet potatoes I would love to hear what your results were.

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