Purple Sweet Potatoes and Ginger from the Garden


I dug up several sweet potatoes the past couple of days and found the monster above. Today I decided to dig up the rest of my 4′ x 4′ plot and ended up with just under 24lbs.  I am going to try and can as much as I can.  I have never canned sweet potatoes before but it looks pretty easy.  The hardest decision will be what type of simple sugar I will put in the jars.  I would really like input from others that have canned sweet potatoes.


Did you know you have to harden sweet potatoes?  This has to be done in warm 70-80 degrees and high humidity.  This changes the starch in the potato into the yummy sugar that we all like about sweet potatoes.


After digging up my potatoes I decided to dig up some of the ginger I had planted in one of my small self watering containers. Ahhh the smell of ginger and I really like juicing it.

I will put all these into the freezer and will pull out pieces when I need them.  I never knew you could store ginger in the freezer!  It goes bad fast here in Florida.

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