Crocheted Sweater Socks


I have been smitten with crocheting socks since I bought the pattern “Crocheted Seamless Sweater Socks” by Genevive on Ravelry ($4.95) four days ago. So much so that my  husband just asked where dinner was. Oops.  While running errands today I stopped by JoAnns to pick up more yarn.  I think I really like them because they don’t look “crocheted”.

The pattern is rated intermediate and is written well.  It was easy for me to follow, however I have been crocheting for many years.  It calls for a size 3 lightweight sock yarn but I happened to have a size 1 so I tried the pattern with this yarn.  My first pair turned out great with the yarn which was “Deborah Norville” Serentiy in Sky Blue, Aquamarine and cream.


I visited a yarn shop in my area yesterday and they didn’t have any size 3 yarn I liked so I stayed with the size 1.  I purchased a skein of “Angelic” 100% merino color F336 and 1 skein of “Deborah Norville” Serentiy Indigo.

The only change I made to the pattern was increasing the row of heel by 2.  I am not sure I needed to do that and will try it without the addition on my next pair.

This pattern has 3 sizes.  I made the size medium for myself.  I wear a size 6 1/2 – 7 women’s shoe size.  It also comes in a large and kids size. 

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