McCalls M6480 18″ Doll Purse and Fringe Boots


I have been wanting to sew the purse and boots from this pattern ever since I bough it, on sale of course.  I think it turned out very nice and will be sewing 2 more sets.

I sewed view A.  You must open up the pattern and read page 1 to get all the supplies that are needed. I used a faux leather, black cotton for the boots, printed cotton for the purse lining, black velcro, and the light weight fusible webbing.

When I began sewing I didn’t read the directions closely and should have, silly me.  You are supposed to trace some of the pieces onto the fusible web then iron these pieces onto the lining and cut out, then fuse to the main fabric and cut again.  If you do this then you don’t have to cut your pattern pieces out.


The boots were straight forward.  The fabric I used stretched some so when I pinned the fringe on I pulled a bit and pinned and then trimmed off the extra.  I eyeballed cutting the fringe and it worked well.  Sewing on the soles is a bit tricky and I don’t believe this pattern would be for a beginner.


The purse was also straight forward.  The only thing I didn’t do was use the iron on fusible  and lining fabric on the front fringe pieces.  When I sewed the handle it said to iron the edges down which I could not do using this faux leather so I had to fold and pin so it is not exact.

DSCN6351 DSCN6352

I will be sewing other pieces from this pattern in the future.  I really like McCall’s Patterns as they turn out very professional looking.

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