Oleander Moth Time

DSCN6303 The Oleander Moth, also called the Polka Dot Moth, has shown up in my garden.  Personally I think it should be called the Flag Moth.  It is so black that it almost looks blue and in combination with its white spots and red area it always reminds me of the flag.


We used to have 2 oleandar plants but after my son was born and I found out how toxic they are we decided to cut them down.  Obviously there are oleandars in my neighborhood some where.


I find it interesting that they are feeding on my Moringa trees.  As long as they are not laying eggs on them they are welcome to feed away.  I don’t think they will since the caterpillars feed on the oleander and are toxic themselves because of it.  This keeps them from being eaten by birds and other critters.

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