Worm Box in Florida


Nothing seems to be conventional in my yard.  I have tried several times to keep a worm box only to fail, until now.  I was going to empty out an old self watering container only to find it filled with worms.  So decided to covered the top with cardboard it has been going ever since.

My second worm bin came about after emptying a 5 gallon self watering bucket and finding it filled with worms.  I transferred them to a bin and covered them with cardboard and it is flourishing also.


In Florida I guess it just gets too hot when you cover the top with the plastic lid, no matter how many holes you have in it.  I do water the cardboard every day and feed it scraps from my juicing about every 3-4 days.

My plan now is to transfer the worms to a new bin when they really increase in number  and then put the dirt they are in now directly into my garden.

I would love input from others who have done this before.

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