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Update on Banana 10/7/2013

So far the bananas are doing great.  They do have a few “spots” on them.  We haven’t had a lot of rain so I have been watering a bit.  I am a little skiddish about watering since I found I … Continue reading

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Worm Box in Florida

Nothing seems to be conventional in my yard.  I have tried several times to keep a worm box only to fail, until now.  I was going to empty out an old self watering container only to find it filled with … Continue reading

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Long Tailed Skipper Moth Eggs and Larva

While out watering today I saw a long tailed skipper moth on one of my green bean plants and thought it odd.  After checking out the plants carefully, which I try to do every day, I found eggs, larva and … Continue reading

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