Dried Moringa Flower and Lemon Grass Tea


I make a combination of fresh Moringa flower and Lemon Grass tea  a lot but, the Moringa flowers are budding faster than I can drink them and I have enough seed pods for an army.  So I decided to dry the flowers and some of my lemon grass, that is also abundant, and see if the flavor compared to the tea made with fresh ingredients.

I was very pleased with the outcome.  I think everything dried is a little more potent than fresh and the same is true with this tea.  I did not have to use as much of the dried to get the same flavor as when using the fresh flowers and lemon grass.


I have already started my second dehydrated batch of Moringa flowers and will follow-up with more dried lemon grass.

The flowers can also be eaten but there are some precautions.  See this website.  Here is another website with some information about the flowers.  Lemon grass also has medicinal properties and this website lists a few.

What is your favorite homemade herbal tea?

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