Crocheted Flowers Beaded Scarf


I was intrigued when I saw this pattern on Youtube.  I have no idea what language this woman speaks but her video is very easy to follow.

I used some Bernat Satin yarn, Denim Mist Heather, I had purchased on clearance at JoAnn’s and used a size H hook.  I chained 23 and then worked a total of 19 double crochets, 20 including the 3 chains at the beginning.  I worked 4 rows before starting my first flower.  *I completed 10 double crochets, crocheted a flower and then completed 10 more double crochets.  I then crocheted 3 more rows and then did a flower row again.  This time I crocheted 5 double crochets, completed a flower, crocheted 10 more double crochets, completed a flower and then 5 more double crochets.  3 more rows of double crochets and then back to *.  I then crocheted 6 rows of double crochets and repeated these steps again.


I decided to do curls instead of fringe.  This was done by chaining 23, skip the first 3 chains and then doing 4 double crochet in each chain.  I did a single crochet in the next 5 double crochets on the end of the scarf and repeating.  This gave me 5 curls at each end.

I then hand sewed a wrapped glass bead in the center of each flower.  This really added a nice element.


I am already crocheting my next scarf but making the scarf solid and crocheting the flowers in a variegated yarn.

This scarf along with other items will be listed on my Etsy site for sale.  Proceeds will go to Nana’s Children’s Home.


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