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Peach Bourbon Vanilla Jam

Oh my! This stuff is awsome.  I don’t even remember why I looked at the recipes but glad I did.  There are several versions of this on the internet.  I used those and combined the recipe on the pectin boxes … Continue reading

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In the Garden – Lizard and Sweet Potato Flowers

I planted an organic purple sweet potato that had started growing sprouts and this is what I got!  It has taken over. I have given many cuttings away and put a lot in my composter but still have an abundance.  … Continue reading

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Crocheted Flowers Beaded Scarf

I was intrigued when I saw this pattern on Youtube.  I have no idea what language this woman speaks but her video is very easy to follow. I used some Bernat Satin yarn, Denim Mist Heather, I had purchased on … Continue reading

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Army Quilt Made for my Son

Where do I start? The embroidery for this quilt was done about a year ago and was one of the last things I embroidered on my machine before it stopped working.  I purchased it through Embroidery Library.  I really like … Continue reading

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Banana’s !!!

I have had this banana plant/tree for many years.  Last year I had a bunch of banana’s but they did not survive.  I believe it was because it was cold and I watered way too much.  When I pulled that … Continue reading

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Homemade Apple Sauce and Apple Butter in a Crock pot

So what is the difference between apple sauce and apple butter?  About 5 hours and a cup of sugar.  When looking up recipes for homemade apple sauce and apple butter that is the only difference I could find. For my … Continue reading

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Beautyberry Jelly

“Yummy” is all I can say about my first batch of Beautyberry jelly.  Now I know why Green Deane says “I make Beautyberry jelly nearly every weekend it is in season”.  I went foraging with Green Deane a year ago … Continue reading

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