Perenni Crocheted Hat


I saw this free pattern via a great organization on Facebook that gives hats to cancer patients, Sadie Sunshine Hats.  If you are looking for an organization to crochet for please visit their Facebook page and like.

The pattern can be found on which is a great find for crocheters and knitters both.

The creator had posted that there were some issues with the hat being too big after the flower row but she had corrected this issue.  She did this in the pattern stating that when you crocheted Part 4 to change to a smaller hook.  There are also some measurements that you take and then measure your work as you go.  There is no size crochet hook but is based on the type yarn you use.

The first hat I crocheted I used a size H hook and  finished 6 rows of Part 1, 5 rows of the Part 2, the flower (Part 3) and then Part 4.  I found that Part 3 was indeed too big and decided that switching to a smaller hook size at Part 4 would not be enough.


So the 2nd hat I crocheted I switched to a size G hook at Part 3.  This turned out much better but the hat was still too big for me.


The 3rd hat I made I switched to a G hook for the Part 1 of the hat and made 7 rows on part 2.  Then I switched to a size F hook for Part 3 and 4.  This hat was better but still not perfect.


The 4th hat was perfect.  I used a size G hook for Part 1 but crocheted only 5 rows.  The measurement for this was 5 1/2″.  I then crocheted 7 rows of Part 2 and the measurement was 6″.  I then switched to a size F hook for Part 3 and 4.  I really like the picot row turned up when I put it on.

Then I decided to do the measurements according to the chart

  • Measurement A = 21 1/2″
  • Measurement B = 6.8″
  • Measurement C = 7

I made Step 1 measurement 5 1/2″ (which was smaller than it should have been) and then Step 2 I made 6″ (which was 1/2″ bigger than it should have been).   If I had gone by measurement B the hat would have been too loose for me personally.  Maybe I just like mine tight.

The smaller the hook you use the better the measurements can be achieved.  This hat can be made from worsted, DK, and fingerling weight yarn.  I will try sock yarn next and see what my results will be.

This pattern is not rated for absolute beginners and I would agree.  If you are a confident beginner it will be a challenge the first time round.

Now to wait for winter……

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