Vogue 8643 Apron


I wanted a nice apron pattern and found this vintage pattern I liked by Vogue (8643).  I have not purchased a Vogue pattern in many years and they were on sale at JoAnns for $3.99.  The regular price this pattern was $22.50.  At $3.99 it was a stretch for me.

Since I haven’t sewn a Vogue pattern in a while I can not speak for other patterns but this one would not be rated for a beginner.  There are curves that are a little tricky and sewing DSCN4606on the side panels takes a little fussing.


I chose a fabric I had in my stash for the patterned fabric and purchased a green to match, both cottons which I pre-washed.  I wanted to embroider a bible verse and did that in a navy.  I used approx. 1 yard of the printed fabric and 1 yard of the green and sewed a size small.

DSCN4605I chose view B. When sewing on the facing it says to sew an additional seam close to the original seam and them trim close to that seam.  I was going to use a zig-zag but decided on more of an edge finish stitch and then I cut close to that.  I also used this on the front seams.

I don’t think the pictures do this apron justice.  It turned out very nice and I will be donating it to Nana’s House Children’s Home for their bowling fundraiser.  They will also have drawings and a bake sale.

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