Wave Stitch Scarf


I found this pattern on Pinterest and followed it to this website.  I could not understand the language but the tutorial is great.  I looked up wave stitch on Youtube and it came up with lots of ripple patterns so not sure that this is a true wave stitch.

I wasn’t sure this pattern would make a great afghan so, even though it is June and in the 90’s here in Florida I decided to try a scarf.

The pattern is done in multiples of 15 + 2.  It is a repeat of 5 double crochets and 5 chains. I made mine 97 stitches and used a size G crochet hook.  The scarf is approx. 48″ without fringe. I think I will make it longer next time.


This is an easy pattern but you must pay attention to make sure you weave the chain the same way each row.  I had to take out several rows when I began.

I still am not sure that I would make a full afghan out of this pattern.  What do you think?  It might be cute with school colors.

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6 Responses to Wave Stitch Scarf

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    • English translation via computer. The result is awesome and deserves to be replicated and seen, i like too and I think that i too soon finalizes a scarf like this of LIFEWITHKEO.

  2. donna says:

    your creativity is remarkable – not only with this stitch, but with all your other works of art.

    thank you for sharing . . .

  3. How do you add the third row/color? Do you end the first two rows or can you connect without cutting the yard?

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