Seam Finish for Turning Your Jeans into a Skirt


I have made several skirts from jeans (here is my post) and I have never really been happy with the inside finish. So I decided to put a little extra time into the process when sewing this one.  I am very happy with the outcome.  I got these Tommy Hilfiger jeans and the jeans I used for the insert for $1 each.


After taking the jeans apart and cutting the jean leg insert I pinned everything together.  After sewing the outer row on the first seam (I did this by top-stitching on the right side) I turned the skirt inside out.  I then trimmed the seam to about 1″ and zigzagged that edge.  Next I ironed this fabric in the direction of the rows I would sew next and then finished those rows.  I repeated these steps for each of the next 3 seams.  I hope this isn’t to confusing.  I took pictures of each step.


DSCN4494 This skirt looks great on the outside and the inside.

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