Baby Mockingbirds – Nest to Flight


I was quite amazed when I saw that a mockingbird was making a nest right outside my front window in my rose bush.  We won’t discuss the nest that was built in my fence and what happened to that.  I also thought that late May was an odd time for them to lay eggs but found that they build several nests during the mating season.  I also found out that it is generally the male that builds the nest.  Here is a video of papa making sure it is comfy. (Note: Most of the pictures were taken through my window so are not a great quality)

Making a nest

Making a nest

It was not long before there were 2 little eggs laying in the nest and then 2 more the next day.

DSCN4303DSCN4312After a little over a week there were 4 baby mockingbirds settled in the nest.  Then as time went on there were only 2.  I don’t know what happened, if they died or something got them. 


It was hard to catch the mama or daddy feeding them but did once or twice, here is the video.  They usually flew away before I could grab the camera and get into position.  I really enjoyed sitting in my chair and opening the blinds just enough to watch them every day.


As the two little ones grew I could see one especially testing its wings and jumping about the nest.  The day after I took this video it was no longer in the nest.  The very next day the next one jumped from the rose bush and toddled off.  I can hear at least one in my firebush in the back yard and today caught a glimpse of it while talking with a friend.

Watching the nest being built to the babies flying off has been a gift to me from Yehovah and I am grateful for the experience.

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