Flowers in Granny Square Afghan

DSCN4468What do you do with a huge bag of scrap yarn?  Make a scrap afghan. This pattern from Luba Davies at Ravelry is the great way to do that.

The pattern was $1.55 in U.S. funds and is for thread crochet.  I used a size F crochet hook and used worsted scraps.  I altered the pattern by decreasing the double crochets in each row to 3, 4, and 5 for each row.  If you use a larger crochet hook either an H or I you would not need to decrease the double crochets. I also made the outside border 1 row less.


My squares ended up being aprox. 9 1/4″.  I made the afghan 4 squares by 5 squares and yes every square was a different color.  I joined the squares as I crocheted.  I really dislike making lots of squares and then having to sew them together. Here is a video on how to join as you go.


What is your favorite scrap afghan?

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