Snowball Quilted Flannel Baby Quilt


WOO HOO!!! So starting my post with this is a little weird but, praise God its finished.

Last year a friend of mine had 2 grand babies and I felt that the Lord was telling me to do a quilt for one of them.  That is when I found out the daughter-in-love’s mother was with Him.  God is so awsome and He reminds me often that He really does care about us.

Well anyway it has taken me 5 months to finish this project.  The reason was because I had no idea where I was going with it.  The problem began when JoAnn’s had a sale on flannel and I had no plan when I went to purchase fabric.  I just picked a bunch of fabrics that I thought would work well together.  When I got home I had to then try and figure out what I would do.  DON’T FOLLOW MY EXAMPLE.

I finally decided on a 6″ square with a snowball pattern in mind.   I cut 2 1/2″ strips and then 2 1/2 squares to put on the corner of each square.  I then sewed strips onto the squares alternating in the pink and aqua.

When I began the quilt I did not make a lay-out, MISTAKE.  After struggling with the quilt and sewing off and on for a while I had 2 rows and several squares finished before I really decided I needed to have a plan.  With that in mind (3 days ago) I tore out the two rows I already had completed and then laid out all the squares as I finished them and it only took me 2 days to finish the the squares and the quilt.  DSCN4440


I alternated the pink and aqua strips (see pictures above) so I did not have seams that had to match when sewing the squares together.  This removes bulk.


I used my embroidery machine to embroider 3 different squares with the babies name, birthdate, time of birth, and measurements.  I really like doing this on quilts.


I quilted around each snowball and then quilted in the ditch on each row with light pink thread on the front and white on the back.

It has been a while since I quilted so I looked up binding and learned something new at this “Connecting Threads” video.  I highly suggest watching this video.  My binding was double and I cut it at 2 1/2 wide.  I sewed it on with my machine on the front and then hand sewed it to the back.

Do you have a favorite pattern you like to sew?

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