Lila Tueller – Funked Out Peasant Blouse

DSCN4435 My friend had purchased this pattern while it was on sale and made two for herself.  I really liked the pattern but had missed the sale so decided to wait.  Then I found out that she purchased the pattern for me!!!  What a special sister in the Lord she is.

While waiting for the pattern I was at Hobby Lobby shopping around. I couldn’t get internet to see how much fabric I needed so got 2, 1 yard cuts in a black theme and then 2, 1 yard cuts in a in brown theme.  Hobby Lobby is 20 minutes via the highway for me and figured if I needed more I would purchase some at JoAnn’s or my local quilt shop.  I did have to purchase additional material for the sleeves and was able to purchase that at Walmart.


I took my measurements and based on the pattern I should have cut out a size 18.  I am glad my friend had already made this top before I had attempted it.  She cut her first at a size 14 and then her next at size 12 so I decided to make mine a size 12.

This is a very simple top and there were 3 changes I made.

  1. The first was to leave out the zipper based on the top I saw on my friend.
  2. I  made the contrasting band under the bust 1/2 the width it was supposed to be.
  3. There is an optional elastic insert in the back and I did need that but, instead of making it tight in the middle of the back I inserted it through the whole casing in the back.  This makes the bulk in the back spread out some.

I am extremely short waisted so an additional change I will make on my next blouse will be to take some of the fullness out at the top where the elastic is put in before cutting the pattern.  I could cut the smaller size at the top off  but I like having this higher neckline.

I really like the comfort of this top and that there are so many variations with sleeve length and how may fabrics you can use.  This can also be made into a tunic or even a dress which I may also try.

Please visit Lila’s Etsy page for more of her beautiful patterns and even some fabric.  She also has a blog and there are free patterns available at times.  At the writing of this blog she has a wrap skirt and luggage tags for free.

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