Reconstructing Thrift Store Finds


It used to be that the thought of tearing apart a ready-made garment and altering it brought chills to my neck.  I would always say if I have to pay good money for something and then alter it, it was not worth the money.  But, since I have been buying a large share of my clothing from thrift stores lately my philosophy has changed.


Lets start with this beautiful embroidered skirt.  Believe it or not it was a size 2X.  I looked at it and really liked it.  The elastic that was in it was really worn  and needed to be replaced  so  I figured I could just cut the waist band off, turn the top over and put in a new piece of 2 1/2″ elastic.  How easy was that!  I paid $6 for this skirt and around $2 for the elastic.


A friend and I were talking a couple of weeks ago about purchasing a jean vest that we could wear with our t-shirts.  I looked at the stores and on-line and could find nothing that I really liked for the price.  Finding a vest or jacket (that I could cut the sleeves off) at a thrift store would also be hard.  Of course with Yehovah all things are possible.  I walked into Nana’s House Thrift store the other day and guess what was hanging there!!  It was a beautiful jacket by Vera Wang and I only paid $6.  When I got it home I was actually hesitant to cut the sleeves off but after looking at it for hours I finally got the nerve to do it and I was very pleased.  I did have to take it in under the arms as  jackets have more room under the arm area.



The next vest I purchased was also at Nana’s House Thrift Store and it was on sale for $2.  I didn’t try it on and when I got home it was way to small to button up.  I then decided I was going to take the side seams apart and insert a piece of jean fabric.  I looked and looked for a pair of thrift store jeans that would come close to the color and could not anything that I thought would work.  Then I remembered the sleeves I cut off the Vera Wang jacket and I figured it was going to be as close as anything I could find.  The deconstruction and reconstruction went rather quickly.  I used jean thread to top stitch and I think it looks rather nice.  I think this will be my favorite for a while.


Where do you find your thrift store finds?  Do you have to alter them?

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5 Responses to Reconstructing Thrift Store Finds

  1. rosyragpatch says:

    How lucky to find a Vera Wang; I like your makeover. I would say about 50% of my charity shop finds get altered. I often buy something because I like the fabric and I can make something new from it. Other times I might just shorten or mend. Love it!

  2. I find many of my thrifted stuff at Goodwill. I won’t think of altering anything if I pay full price for it, but if it is at bargain prices, I might. I have altered a few things, like you, waist bands and an occasional hem.

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