Paintbush Afghan Pattern

DSCN4044I found this pattern on Ravelry for $5.99.  Susan Carlson is the pattern maker and the instructions are very clear. It is rated intermediate and after a few repeats you will no longer need the pattern.  The only “different” stitch is a front and back post double crochet.

I decided to crochet it in Red Heart Super Saver colors Light Raspberry, White, Black, and Heather Gray using a size H hook.

This turned out to be a VERY heavy afghan and was a little hard on my hands pulling up the loops but turned out beautiful.


You can make this any size you want by crocheting in multiples of 12.  I used 13 sets of 12 and it turned out to be approx. 47″.  I crocheted 31 rows which came out approx. 39″.

I can’t wait to try this with baby yarn for my nephews baby that is due in June.

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