My Strawberries – Quinault


I have lots of Quinault strawberries growing in my garden.  In doing research, this variety is not supposed to put out a lot of runners but no one told my strawberries the news.  I have over 75 plants now and gave away almost 30 last October.  


I will however, be picking the runners off these in the future so that the plants will put all their energy into producing strawberries.  This will be hard for me!  I HATE throwing away future plants but I have 5 plots with strawberries now and I have no intention of starting a strawberry farm.  Well I might plant a few runners in pots, OH PLEASE HELP ME………


I usually get 2 crops out of these strawberries so I can’t wait until the fall crop.  I transplanted the babies way to late in the season but even these seem to be producing berries like crazy.  I have mulched these recently and do feed them coffee water and compost.  I also make sure they get watered daily.


Here are some great sites for growing strawberries:


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