Growing Plants from Store Bought – Ginger and Carrot Seeds


Ginger Root Sprouting

There are many plants you can re-grow from store-bought produce and eventually I want to try them all.   I am already re-growing store-bought celery with great results.


One of the weirdest posts I have seen recently was re-growing carrot tops to produce seeds.  I figured there was NO way this would work.  Boy was I proved wrong.  I cut the tops off of the carrots I have been getting from Space Girl Organics and just planting them in one of my 5 gallon self watering buckets.  It wasn’t long before I was seeing new growth.  Remember this will not grow new carrots but the heads will produce seeds.  What a great way to keep yourself supplies with carrots!


I also am trying to grow my own ginger.  All you have to do is purchase a piece of ginger with lots of “eyes” or side growths on them.  I planted my purchased piece into one of my smaller self watering containers and this is what happened.  Ginger doesn’t like a lot of water so can’t wait to see how it does in the container.  Ginger also does not like a lot of direct sunlight so I can move this whenever I want.   I will be starting a 2nd one soon.  Here is a good website with lots of information about ginger and how to harvest.

What have you tried to grow from store-bought produce?

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